SneakerAid 4 Piece Starter Kit


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Keep your favorite sneakers spotless and in optimal condition with our Shoe Cleaning Kit!

Our sneaker cleaner uses natural ingredients to clean your shoes, without harming them. It’s also really quick and easy to use so you can clean your shoes regularly and hassle-free!

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I wish I could wear my expensive sneakers every day, but I worry they’ll get dirty fast.

You’ve just unboxed your newest pair of sneakers and savored every moment of it. The smooth, spotless canvas, the clean and pristine sole, that new-shoe-smell. Sadly, you know that your moment will not last long. Pretty soon creases will start to form and scuff marks will appear under the sole. And the inevitable layers of dirt will start to build up. You decide to use these sneakers only on special occasions, but where’s the fun in that?


You should flex your shoes! No pair of footwear stays clean forever. But that doesn’t mean the only solution to keeping your sneakers in mint condition is to leave them at home forever. For anyone who takes their sneakers seriously, finding ways to keep them in mint condition and extend their lifespan for as long as possible is a must.

Here’s what’s in every shoe cleaning kit:

✅ 1 bottle of Shoe Serum (4 oz): A gentle solution made for the toughest stains while being safe for all material.

✅ 1 soft horsehair brush: To use on the upper of the sneaker where the softer material is.

✅A hard horsehair brush: To use on the midsole (non-painted) and sole (rubber parts) of the sneaker where the harder material is.

✅ 1 microfiber towel: Specialized to wipe your sneakers dry of the tiniest of dirt particles.


Wear your sneakers every day and still look like you bought them yesterday. Give your soles premium care and treatment, and extend their lifespan!
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18 reviews for SneakerAid 4 Piece Starter Kit

  1. Torizmo

    Pretty good man. I’ve only hit up a couple of my shoes with it so far

  2. Rayan

    Woooow! It’s really GOOD!
    I highly recommend it to any mommy <3

  3. Sal

    Got it for my sneakerhead boyfriend as a gift, he used em to clean his off white prestos and HE LOVED IT!
    It’s legit, his sneakers are so fresh now as new!
    Def Recommend!

  4. Scheisse

    Best starter kit for elites 😉

    Highly recommended!

  5. Jasmine

    It’s really good and works for practically any shoem Great for any man in your life husband, father, son.

  6. Abed

    Tried it on a white sneaker and I found a huge difference! This product really cleaned my shoes and it almost came back brand as new!

  7. Laura

    Really good product! Love it, and I highly recommend it!

  8. sara

    wow a product that actually works 😛
    well money well spent
    usually i just throw my shoes in the washing machine … don’t do that bad choice
    i’m really glad i found smtg that cleanse those shoes without cracking them
    thank you 😀

  9. Victoria

    It just works. Love the brush that it comes with! It works great getting into some of the hard to reach recessed areas on some shoes. I feel like my shoes are new again!

  10. Vlad

    I don’t usually believe these kind of products but when yo desperate to get some sneakers clean u’ll try anth!
    got some sneaker aid and they worked really well surprisingly!
    would recommend for surrr

  11. omar

    Very beautiful, effective and practical I think I need it very much

  12. AB

    The best and easiest way to make white look white again.

  13. Fouad

    The best in the market!
    I have tried many of these products to clean my sneakers, but one of my friends tried this on his dirty shoe, and it’s back as a new shoe!
    Highly recommended product 🙂

  14. Jack

    My old sneakers is shining and looking like a brand new. Thanks for making my day bright again!

  15. Alex

    I didn’t believe it until I saw it! Great results! I recommend to use it if you are into pampering your footwear!

  16. Bourhan

    absolutely astonishing ! Been searching all over the internet for a good product! and finally found one.
    I fully recommend this for people who are having problems with cleaning their sneakers.

  17. ST

    Hands down the best shoe cleaning kit I’ve ever used. Recommending this to everyone I know. It was very easy to use and results are very clean!

  18. havoc

    great product

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